Biodux Solutions
Welcome to Biodux Solutions

Biodux Solutions is the leading software solution provider for the hospitality industries, we specialize in the development of custom, real-time, enterprise-wide softwares. And “corporate mind-share” – the valuable but complex process of gathering data throughout an organization into a company-wide data repository so companies can track and study enterprise-wide trends. Biodux Solutions is also championing the hospitality industry in Nigeria, we also provide a sufficiently powerful to management software to suite other business processes and is updated from multiple data sources or data marts, frequently enough to support real-time, operational and strategic decision-making. Our software solutions are designed to eliminate redundant staff, cut down costs and increase operational efficiency by more than 31%.

At Biodux Solutions we have a team of seasoned and professionally qualified engineers, accountants, hospitality experts and software engineers who shall be providing you with first hand services and advice.